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Innovative Technology Hub, Presenting Unique Blockchain Projects With Subs System.

First Session Soon

First Session Soon​

FLL Network Brings The Best Crypto Calls Into One Interactive Platform

The FLL network makes crypto investing easier, with an intelligent crypto portfolio social media  network, rewarding users that make profitable calls, and giving you access to the predictions of the wisest of crypto oracles.

Roadmap Feellike

2020 Young FLL Stage

Sept 2020

- Brand image sessions, two ones

- Website updates

- Mobile App demo


Staking Program Stg 1

- Launched, rewards algorithm


Marketing Campaign for FLL

Including first AMA program

Stept-October 2020

Feellike Mobile App Premiere (strategic)

Our subscriptional mobile app will be huge step forward for whole project

Black and white photo of a lake


First product of FLL release - golden rendered coins.

November 2020

First FLL Meetup

More News Soon.


Final of Rewards Contest/Staking and 1st planned Burn


First Proffessional Brand Images Session Release. Instagram profile - premiere

Black and white Mountian view

2021 - Feellike Strong

Get Good Karma – Get Rewarded

As we know in crypto, some people have a 6th sense for making good calls. In the FLL network, these users will be prioritized when browsing the network; not only will their calls be featured and given more weight, users who make better calls get better staking rewards and earn bonus $FLL.


3 rounds of

First Round 30/12/2020 Second Round 30/06/2021 Third Round 30/12/2021

Rewards Stage #1

>100k FLL in the rewards pool, 95# wallets can win the prices!

Check The Actual
Winners List

We will start collecting DATA from Monday 31.08.2020 each day Your wallet will collect new points

Staking Stage 2

Details will be provide here soon

Feellike Innovative Blockchain Project from Europe , Incorporated by Estonia

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